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The Ancient Art of Intarsia

Intarsia is the making of decorative pictures by laying pieces of various natural woods into groundwork of solid wood. Through the centuries craftsmen have created beautiful works of art from wood. Intarsia is seen in the history of ancient Egypt, Persia, eighth-century Japan and Imperial Rome. However the Sienese of Italy are the most noted for their work with carvings dating back to the 13th century. However, because intarsia was so labor intensive, it was primarily found in the homes of the very elite. Over time intarsia became a lost art; however, in recent years, due to the modernization of man and equipment, intarsia has again become extremely popular.

Well Crafted Writing instruments

The writing instrument you carry speaks volumes about you – ensure you make the right impact with custom wood pens made to order exclusively for YOU!

Alternatively, leave a great impression by giving a laser engraved wood pen and pencil set. The flawless workmanship of on of P M Crafts hand made wood pens make them absolute treasures to own!

Widest Variety of Custom Wood Pens

You will find the largest selection of personalized custom pens, hand-turned wooden Fountain Pens and Rollerball Pens, along with Parker, Cigar as well as several other Cross style pens and pencils at P M Crafts.

Exotic Wooden Pens as Logo Engraved Corporate Gifts

P M Crafts are recognized for their distinctive all-natural style and superior quality. We are Hand made wooden pen suppliers and wholesale handcrafted wooden pen manufacturers who specialize in precision, custom laser-engraving services so that you can add a special personal touch to your gift boxes and hand made wooden writing instruments.

Simply send us your company logo or art work and we will do the engraving!

P M Crafts engraved wooden pens along with classy gift boxes have long been symbols of success and achievement. Our exotic wood pens are the perfect way to exhibit appreciation and esteem for valued clients, colleagues and loved ones.


In addition, we proud to offer free shipping in the United States and only charge sales tax on residents of Tennessee.

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  Please check the pages often. We are constantly   adding items on a weekly basis. Also custom     orders are possible upon request.


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   Pens and Pencils

   Please check the pages often. We are constantly    adding items on a weekly basis. Also custom      orders are possible upon request.




Pen Making Process


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